Useful Aviation Information

I learned flying in tailwheel planes and love flying with my family on trips. We owned the Tanjore Belle (our 2008 SR-22TN Perspective), which we sold and bought a 2001 Piper Meridian (Tanjore Belle II). I am a certified Flight Instructor (CFI, CFII) in Single Engines. I used to teach at Palo Alto (KPAO) airport. But I am now based in Paine Field, Everett (KPAE). I am a member of the National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI).

I do not offer primary flight training, but am accepting instrument students. I will be delighted to discuss your plans for getting that instrument rating you have always wanted.

In addition to well-equipped aircraft with traditional round gauges, technically advanced aircraft (with PFD, MFD, autopilot and GPS navigators) are now widely available in the rental fleets. This availability and an instrument rating gives you an unprecedented opportunity to conduct your cross country trips in less than perfect weather.

Here are some things you should know about me as an instrument instructor:

  • I typically train one student at a time allowing me to offer you complete and individual attention.

  • My 30+ years as a computer scientist and my experience in my own plane makes me very comfortable teaching the intricacies of a modern glass cockpit.

  • Aviation is a passion of mine. I am not instructing to build time or to make a living, but for the pleasure of teaching others to fly.



7-day Palo Alto Weather.

7-day Everett Weather.
(also see forecast discussions).


ADDS Weather (with links to AWC). 

Windy Wx site.



The GFS MAV site has graphics for ceilings, precipitation, visibility, and wind.

The National Center for Atmospheric Research has forecasts here.

Skew-T plots and how to interpret them. More info about Skew-T from NASA.

Lifted index can be found here select the Lifted Index Loop in the box in the left scrolling region.

Handy site for graphical METARS. Click on an airport for a tab that shows skew-T.


FOUS14 from NWS (for ceilings and visibilities forecasts) and how to interpret it.


Sunrise and sunset times.



Meteograms, and user guide.

FAA ADS and RAIM prediction.


Graphical METAR/TAF for ZOA.

Thunderstorm outlook prediction (from the Storm Prediction Center in OK, click on Tstms. outlook on the left).


Glossary: Precipitation symbols. Front symbols. Weather basics from USA Today.

Sectionals on-line:
Skyvector. VFR & IFR charts.

Basic airport information: Airnav.


FAA Safety Site