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The Thekkath Society Page

Aviation and Weather
Chandu's Papers

This is the Thekkath family web page. Due to a popular uprising among the children, all mention of them by name and their photos have been removed from these pages until further notice.


If you are looking for Chandu's papers, here they are. Chandu's home page at work can be found here.


Be sure to visit Radhika's company page if at all you are intrigued by what she has been up to the last three years.


If you like sailing in the San Francisco Bay, we recommend OCSC for chartering keelboats. We haven't sailed much in several years, except for the odd vacation. Our excuse is that we fly light planes. We recommend West Valley Flying Club and the Advantage Aviation in Palo Alto if you would like to rent.


If you are a Thekkath, or believe you are one, please send e-mail to Chandu. Follow the link above to his work page for the address.


                               Grand Canyon, AZ. Mar 2014                                                                                         Bayon Temple, Siem Reap, Jan 2015